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Linn Energy Merger Deals with Berry Petroleum almost Done!

Since Feb this year, a top 15 U.S. independent oil and natural gas company Linn Energy LLC (LINE) and its affiliate LinnCo (LNCO)  announced merger with Berry Petroleum (BRY), drilling company, in stock worth $2.5 billion and now the deal seems getting closer to an end. It's filing and Amended From S-4 with the SEC and this push Linn's stock up for over 13%

Linn, LinnCo and Berry Petroleum will set record dates of their stockholder meetings on this Sep 30.  If this merger is successful, it will help Linn Energy increase its dividend payout to $3.05 per share. I expect that Linn Energy might go up til $32 a share. Berry Petroleum will be a key development for Linn. It will bolster its oil production and its holding in California which Berry held over 6,700 net acres in California.   This merger will add proved reserves of more than $127 million barrels of oil equivalent. Linn will do better after this acquisition for sure so why not buy it now.