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Why You Should Choose Hasbro's 3% Dividend Over Mattel's 6% Dividend

Hasbro has delivered solid financial results thus far in 2015, and licensing tie-ins to Star Wars, Transformers, Jurassic World and Frozen should drive revenue growth going forward.

The company has been growing its dividend for 12 consecutive years, and its financials demonstrate that the 3% dividend is secure.

Mattel's revenue growth is stagnating, net income is declining and its 6% dividend is coming dangerously close to approaching unsustainable levels.

Thanks to movie franchises like Star Wars and Transformers as well as Disney's (NYSE:DIS) Frozen, toy makers have had ample opportunity to pad their bottom lines with licensing revenue.

Hasbro (NASDAQ:HAS) has had more success executing on that front than Mattel (NASDAQ:MAT). It helps that it has a better movie tie-in lineup than Mattel. Hasbro owns the licensing rights to Star Wars, Transformers and Jurassic World, and those three franchises should deliver for years to come. The first Star Wars sequel hits theaters this year, with two more coming over the next few years. There are four more Transformers movies in...