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Lifestyles Of The Not So Austere & Socialist: Greek FinMin Edition

As the Greek people live in perpetual fear of financial ruin and are subjected, on a near hourly basis, to rumors about just what kind of humiliation they may be forced to endure next in order to insure that Christine Lagarde gets the money she needs to prop up Ukraine for another couple of months, Yanis Varoufakis isn’t about to roll over and allow his people to drown in despair. On the contrary, the finance minister apparently believes the best way to restore the faith is to show the Greek people just how good life could be by staging a not very austere photoshoot…

Yanis enjoys the the piano…

...and modest lunches...

...and hanging out on the veranda with the (very happy) wife...

...and even though he occasionally has to slum it in economy class…

...overall life is very good…

So Greece, as you face the possibility that your salaries will be suspended and your pension funds plundered, take solace in the fact that you can live well vicariously through your elected officials. 

Not all Greeks are particularly amused by the pictures. Here's one reaction via Keep Talking Greece

“No, No, No! That was unacceptable!” 


“What did he want to demonstrate? No, no, no… And the pictures with Danai? Holding her up with his arms?!!!”…


“At her age in a mini dress? I couldn’t believe what I saw this morning on the internet,” “What was the purpose of such photo shooting? Is he the minister of a life-style country?”

Predictably, Twitter is having a field day.

Greek finim

poses for in an all but austere photo shoot. Pics go viral. Twitter laughs.

— Loukia Gyftopoulou (@loukia_g)

????? ???? ???? ??? yanis

— Tsaprrr News (@tsaprrr)

— g gprovopo (@gprovopo)

— Hera (@theetikigoddess)

: Life's good!

— George Karmokolias (@TheKarmiDance)