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Starbucks sued for $5 million over too much ice. That’s cold

Months after two Starbucks customers sued the coffee chain for under filling its lattes, the company is getting hit with another lawsuit: this time for under filling its cold drinks.

“Our customers understand and expect that ice is an essential component of any ‘iced’ beverage,” Starbucks said in a response.

Serve coffee too hot: Get sued.
Serve coffee with too much ice: Get sued.
What next, getting sued for serving coffee with too much caffeine?

Why are they not targeting the whole restaurant industry? All of them do this.

That is the main reason I order everything with “no ice”. It doesn’t matter if it’s a soda, coffee or anything, no ice. I’m not going to pay for frozen water and get half the ordered product.

Welcome to America… can’t have iced coffee without the ice, and the 16 ounce cup contains 16 ounces of drink, as advertised, which includes ice, also as advertised… can we just start hanging stupid people in public ? SCOTUS needs to issue a directive that makers of frivolous lawsuits will be summarily executed for the public good..