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Performance since Obama took Office !

 It's been just over six years since Obama was sworn in during the midst of the Great Recession.

Back then, stocks were tanking. Frankly, most investors were scared to touch just about any asset, although there was some bounce in safe havens like gold and silver.

So which assets have performed the best so far in Obama's tenure?

You must be thinking about Gold , Commodities or even the US dollar? But stocks are the clear winner so far under President Obama.

The only other assets class that comes close is real estate investment trusts (REITs) , which trade like stocks but are companies that hold office buildings, malls and other properties and make money off the rents.

The US stock market downside-up out in March 2009 and has been on an upswing ever since. In fact, we are in the midst of the fourth-longest bull market in U.S. history (and it could become the third longest if we make it to May).

What Wells Fargo Strategist has an opinion on " Whether this stock surge can continue. The market is once again within striking distance of setting new record ?"

"We are advising our clients to continue to stay invested in equities," says Tracie McMillion, asset allocation strategist for Wells Fargo (NASDAQ:WFC) . "We think that because of the significant downturn that we experienced in 2008 and 2009, this particular bull market could have a longer run than average."

Obama versus other presidents:

Comments from readers on CNN Money says :

" President Obama basically let the Federal Reserve do its job....expand the money supply in the beginning(2009) and now beginning to tightened.(2015). Politicians, particularly the US Congress remains to be incompetent. "

" That's because under Obama US economy was blooming, not because Fed was pumping cheap money into banks and stock market and directly manipulating equities by buying them. So do not talk to me about stock and debt bubbles: I'm loving CNN spin and will stick with it!"