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Robo-investing for All?

Perhaps the robots will finally get Americans to be like South Koreans, disciplined with their checking and savings accounts. 

Technology and financial services have always gone hand in hand

"Robo-investing" - using computer algorithms rather than humans to manage your investments - is a white-hot sector attracting lots of start-up cash.

There are now several companies here in the US promising that their algorithms can get more bang for your investment buck at a fraction of the price charged by traditional investment managers.

Managing your portfolio, diversifying your investments and handling your tax liabilities can all be done automatically 24/7.

And machines aren't swayed by fear and greed, the primary emotions that often drive very poor investment decisions. They can crunch terabytes of data and take a global, long-term view, spreading your investments across geographies and asset classes, from bonds to equities, index funds to property.

"Betterment's Jon Stein says algorithmic investment advice is popular with younger generations"

"I don't think you'll find any survey of millennials that puts the brand of any brokerage or bank particularly high these days”

Adam Nash Wealthfront chief executive