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Dividend Capture watchlist – 2-11-2015

Two months until the end of the year, and the market totally changed its sentiment. Since Aug/Sept. lows we had an amazing up swing, and the market commentators are now advising on buying stocks again. This was a good testament to selling premiums, that allowed us to decrease the volatility during this time.

Since we are during the earnings season (which is positive for the most part) many stocks that weren’t on our list last week, are suddenly added to our watch list since the uncertainty of the earnings had disappeared.

Our watch-list is very interesting this week, but before starting, here are the market sentiment and the $SPY chart:

$SPY returning to pre-August range.
After sentiment changed to bullish last week, it is now even more bullish.

For our dividend capture strategy,we look for good companies with over 2% yield. The companies distribute dividends in the next 10-30 days.  You can follow us on 

,  where we often publish more trade ideas.

The dividend capture watch-list:

Dividend capture watchlist


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