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Mylan's Recent Buys And News Have Spurred Huge Insider Buying

Mylan Inc. (MYL) is one of the largest generics and specialty pharmaceutical companies in the world. It manufactures and markets more than 1,300 different products for retail, wholesale, government, and institutional customers. It has one global quality standard across all of its facilities and product lines, regardless of the market. It began in 1961; and it has been expanding ever since. Now it is a substantial company with a market cap of $20.02B and an enterprise value of $28.20B.

In the last week or so, MYL has made four major announcements:

  1. It is expanding its Hepatitis C licensing agreement with Gilead Sciences (GILD) to include the non-exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the investigational NS5A inhibitor GS-5816 and the single tablet regimen of Sovaldi in 91 developing countries (once approved). This regimen is being evaluated in Phase 3 clinical studies for the treatment of all six genotypes of Hepatitis C.