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This Software Automatically Makes Your Selfies More Attractive

Photo editing software of today is mind-bogglingly intricate, but one gaping deficiency is the ability to convincingly manipulate the angle and distance of a subject. This is especially sorely felt in selfies, where the distance at which a face is captured can adversely affect how attractive (or how ugly) they appear. Now, researchers from Princeton University have developed a software that allows you to do exactly that — by turning a human head into a 3D model with 70 reference points, the software, which uses a program developed at Carnegie Mellon University, can manipulate the image into its most flattering form.

There’s no doubt that this will be a hit among the Snapchat generation of today, but how far away the software is from general release remains to be seen. One promising sign is the involvement of Adobe in the development of the software, so keep your eyes peeled for this technology to arrive in a version of Photoshop in the near future.