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Oasis Petroleum - Upside Waiting To Happen


Oasis Petroleum operates in the rich Bakken shale region.

Oasis Petroleum has substantial oversupply in reserves that could help boost the company when the oil/gas market recovers.

A reduced market cap has lowered the company’s takeover value, which could make it an attractive takeover target.

Invest in Oasis Petroleum for the potential for spectacular returns in the long term.

Investors have been shaken by the recent headwinds in the capital markets as a result of macroeconomic instability, particularly in emerging markets such as China and Brazil. Furthermore, problems in Greece have exacerbated issues, and with the Fed about to raise rates (eventually), overall stock market yields may decline. As a result, investing in the overall S&P 500 index may not be the best idea in the near- to mid-term, and investors should consider looking into other asset classes.

Or should they? Perhaps in the good old stock market, yield and high returns still exist. It's probable that investors aren't looking hard enough, and to find these high returns, investors will just have to look harder than their competitors to find those hidden gems. Perhaps it is time to dust off those old stock picking skills and get to work.

Of course, looking in high growth industries such as tech or biotech might be a good starting place, but investors might be able to find a company with outstanding returns in the energy industry. Such a company could be...