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Side Job For Savings?

Lets say that you are a full-time worker. You are getting paid a substantial salary and are satisfied with your lifestyle. But, it wouldn't hurt to get an extra $400 or $500 a month right? A side job or side hustle would be the good option to consider to achieve that extra chunk. There is an unlimited amount of options to choose from, it's really about you. You are already well off. So your side hustle does not necessarily have to be a blueprinted business venture. But, it just might grow into one if it has a great turnout. If you are good at doing your makeup, you can offer assistance with doing people's makeup that you know. Those of you that are dog owners should consider offering dog walking services. Maybe on the weekends if you are work free, you can spend your time walking other people's dogs, Central Park style. You computer wizes out there. Whatever is your key problem-solving skill, by simple word of mouth you can offer it as a little help out service. Of course when you first plant this idea and act on it (when you start marketing it,spreading the word) your clientele won't immediately pull through. Especially since this is just a side hustle for you. It's a flow in which here and there you get sales or customers. Of course it also depends on how aggressive your marketing is. But it is considered a side hustle. Like if someone is in need of help, you are charging lol. Basically. Little things. You can sell pens at your job for $1. Or if you are a student, selling sharpened No.1 pencils in your math class or school library would not be a bad idea. The profit you gain from these mini hustles you can easily save up, and never touch. Consider it a way to build your emergency fund, or savings for a vacation spending money. Whatever grand savings you find yourself in need of. Take advantage of your resources!