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ZIOP: Breakout Imminent! 4 comments

What? Yet another post on ZIOP? Seriously???

I can see many readers of my blog rolling their collective eyes and throwing up their arms in exasperation and exclaiming: "Show us the friggin' money, karim!"

Well…I have some good news...

The Fat Lady is on the stage, clearing her throat and about to belt out a ZIOP tune...

Oh my God...she just winked at me! ;)

If there is one thing that readers of my blog know for certain, it is my absolute conviction in ZIOPHARM Oncology's technology and therefore the incredible value and potential its shares represent as an investment…However, since my first post on the company on January 26th, 2015 when ZIOP shares were trading @ $7.24, an investment in ZIOP would only have yielded about 50% in the 10 months since I first sang its praise, which, even though quite respectable, is nowhere close to what I believe the investment will yield in the near term (1-3 months). And longer term (1-2 years), by at least an order of magnitude (10X)…Notice that I have used the word "will" and not the word, "should," in the last sentence and thereby closing myself an "out" just in case my prediction does not go the way I expect it to…This should give you all an idea of my level of confidence…Longer term, the only thing that will hold back ZIOP from reaching its full potential is if the company gets sold to a Big Pharma, as many have speculated is currently in the cards…Personally, I would prefer that it remains independent for at least another 12 months…

In today's post, I will explain why ZIOP stock is technically ready to breakout and breakout BIG…Of course some of you may point out, and correctly, that I also felt the same way two and a half months ago when in my August 6 post, I basically said the same thing…So why would this time be any different?

Two things in particular:

  1. We are past the summer doldrums, when markets traditionally take a breather and in the Fall it usually tends to spring back to life...and in the past week, the US stock market has shown that this year will be no different. In other words, the US stock market is rocking and rolling.
  2. ZIOPHARM Oncology's management is finally ready to share some data with us...and there are quite a few anecdotal pieces of evidence(s), enumerated here at length in a number of previous posts, that leads me to believe that the results are going to be stellar...

What I am about to share with you all is a "technical" roadmap of ZIOP's projected share price trajectory in the next 2-3 months…An almost identical roadmap, for another stock, was first predicted and shared right here on my blog way back in April of 2013…and many regular readers of my blog handsomely profited from that prediction as it followed my roadmap to a T and of course that move also helped me take my $10,000 public portfolio, shared here with everyone in realtime, to more than a $1 million in just 5 months… :) That previous stock's trajectory and ZIOP's projected trajectory are so uncannily similar that when I first noticed it, I could not believe my eyes...I am so confident in my prediction of ZIOP's upcoming move that I am willing to bet my reputation on it!*

But before I present my "technical" case, there is one overriding assumption that needs to be highlighted, especially for those new to my blog: In the...