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Is Google Indeed Falling Behind In The Self-Driving Car Race?

Self-driving cars have gained a lot of prominence in the last few years. It was in 2009 that Alphabet’s GOOGL Google revealed its autonomous car project. Since then both technology and automobile makers are striving to get a lead in the race for dominance in the self-driving car space.

In the past few years, Google has made decent progress in the space. The company has already completed over 1.8 million miles of autonomous driving testing on community roads. Being the first one to get a permit for on road testing and its various collaborations over the past few years have apparently made Google’s technology relatively advanced by now.

But all said and done, it appears that Google is lagging in the market, which is now evolving at a rapid pace.

What’s Putting the Brakes on the Project?

A Bloomberg report yesterday stated that “Google has lost its first-mover advantage to other companies pursuing more practical, less-ambitious self-driving car services.”

It appears that the company’s commitment to roll out the cars only after they are fully automated (that is completely driverless) is creating a lot of restlessness both within and outside Google.

After all, it’s the results that matter in the end. Other players, who entered the market after Google, have already started rolling out partially automated cars. Earlier this year, a startup initiated a autonomous taxi service in Singapore. Reports indicate that even bigger players like Uber Technologies are set to get autonomous vehicle technology on road very...