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Today's Market: Mergers And Acquisitions Driving These Stocks Higher

There are a number of deals that were announced today, however only one of the announcements could be classified as a large deal. Regardless of size though, we always believe that deal flow is a positive and the more of it the better it is for the economy. It is a good indicator and with many now believing that the United States is poised to ramp up growth, it leads us to believe that companies in a position of strength are looking to bulk up ahead of period of growth.

While a deal has not officially been announced to draw to a close the drama in Europe, it certainly appears that we are close to seeing the Germans and Greeks come together and formally announce something that everyone can live with. Readers must also remember that this Greek deal will be the template that others use when they undoubtedly go to the EU and ask for leniency as well. Read more