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Employers' demand for knowledge in presentation softwares such as PowerPoint has significantly increased these past years: having a basic understanding of how to make a clear and striking presentation can either make an important deal or break it! Why are presentations so vital when interacting with a potential client or employer?

A presentation tells a lot about a person and what they have to offer; it's like an extension of a resume. When you present your ' product ' or skills in the shape of a presentation you give your listeners a taste of what you are capable of doing for them so if they like what they see and hear, it's represents a great advantage to you because you means that you will definitely be closer to closing a deal.

So now that we have established the importance of making a presentation, let's talk about ways to make one more productive:

A) AVOID PUTTING TOO MUCH INFO ON YOUR SLIDES: If you enter data on each slide in an excessive way, your listeners will be focused on reading everything you've written rather than paying attention to you: in other words, it will distract them from the most important asset in presentation which is YOU. A way you can avoid doing that is by shortening the content in each slide. Let's say you've put five points or concepts in the bullets all in one slide; you can modify your format by simultaneously adding one point after another, slide after slide. In a more visual-friendly way, it would look like this: SLIDE 1: TITLE of PRESENTATION/  SLIDE 2: TITLE of PRESENTATION + First Point/  SLIDE 3: TITLE of PRESENTATION + First Point + Second Point...and so forth.

B) MAKE YOURSELF THE FOCAL POINT: As stated above, you are what your listeners have to pay attention too; the presentation is only a tool to be used as an aid, it only adds to the substance of the message you're trying to convey. Therefore, when you're ready to sell what you have, use the slides only when necessary: to put it simply, you do the talking and the presentation is there for support.