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What’s The Pulse On SNAP?

Want the pulse on a particular well-known public company? Head to the comments section of a recent WSJ article.

Some of what’s written is snarky; some is useless political tripe. It will also be colored based on the biases of its readership.

For instance, the WSJ is a mostly older, politically right-of-center demographic (though it’s been changing to younger and moving left on the political spectrum in the recent past). Consequently, it’s expected that very few would be extolling Snap with its current status as a money-losing company centered around an app where 70%+ of its users are under the age of 25.

But overall the comments can provide some level of insight into how a company is viewed more broadly. The polarizing comments on Tesla, for example, roughly accord with its wild volatility given valuation perceptions can be so different from one individual to another. The comments on Snap are almost uniformly negative, which reflects in its steady decline and public souring.