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Investor AB Has Money In Motion

Investor AB (OTC:IVSXF) is a darling of value funds that has shown phenomenal growth over the years. This stock still trades at a discount to net asset value ((NYSE:NAV)) as the underlying assets keep growing. Read on about this Swedish powerhouse.

Investor was founded 100 years ago by the Wallenberg family. The familyowns 23.3% of capital and 50% of voting rights. There are two shares classes. The "A" shares get one vote and the "B" shares get one-tenth of a vote. They have the same claim on equity and dividends. The dividend yield is 2.6%. Not bad.

The American Depository Receipts trade for $38.48 and are up a little this year. The Swedish krona is weak at 8.63 to the dollar. Two years ago it was at about 6.5. The market cap is SKr263 billion ($30.5 US). This weakness may provide tailwinds for European and Swedish companies as their goods become cheaper for Americans. Cars, weed eaters, phones, electrical equipment, pharmaceuticals, are all sold in the US by companies owned by Investor. Read more