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Chinese Hedge Funds Still Holding Up Well in HSBC Rankings

Chinese-focused hedge funds continue to exhibit stamina and are well represented in the top ranks of HSBC Holdings plc (ADR) (NYSE:HSBC) (LON:HSBA)’s weekly hedge fund performance ranking. Nearly ¼ of all funds in the top twenty performers have a Chinese market focus.

Quam still performing well in HSBC listing, as Bio-themed hedge funds continue on performance tear

Chris Choy’s Quam $118 million China Focus Segregated Portfolio, which was in the top spot on June 1, sporting 59.71 percent year to date returns back then, is still nonetheless holding strong with 25.76 percent year to date performance as of the July 31 reporting, landing it in fourth place. While Quam is holding up, the fund had a rough month, down 16.5 percent in July making it the biggest lower in the equity diversified / Asia category. The $226 million Zeal China Fund was down 11.69 percent on the month as the only winner in the category was the $166 million Nezu Cyclicals Fund. The Chinese stock market lost almost half its value from June to July.

Following a theme ValueWalk had reported on earlier in the year, the biotech sector remains the hot hand, with the category average up 22.06 percent on the year. Joseph Edelman’s $1 billion Perceptive Life Sciences Offshore Fund, up 5.44 percent on the month, is now on top performer on...