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'Pokémon GO' Causes Massive Surge in Smartphone Battery Stock

With an estimated 9.6 million active players around the world, Pokémon GO‘s rise has been nothing short of explosive for children, adults and everyone in between, captivating both OG fans and first-timers intrigued by the phenomenon. Call it global domination if you will, the mobile game has caused some wild (and unexpected) consequences, from armed robbers using the game to lure players into traps, to people injuring themselvesfrom running into ditches. It seems nothing will stop people from chasing rare Pokémon.

A new report from CNN confirms that Nintendo stock isn’t the only one soaring. It seems the smartphone battery market has been experiencing a massive surge in stock, with smartphone battery packs, such as the popular Juice Pack by mophie, being wiped clean from retailer shelves around the country. Companies like Zagg, a small smartphone accessories manufacturer (also acquired by mophie earlier this year) alone has seen more than a 25% stock raise during the past week. Hoard up on those battery packs if you’re planning to be out and about for wild Pokémon.