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Facebook Insider Marc Andreessen Unloads $66 Million Of FB Holdings

Facebook (FB) President of Business and Marketing Partnerships David B. Fischer sold 18,750 shares of stock, which equates to roughly 5% of his holdings. Now, normally I wouldn't call anybody out for making an investment decision one way or the other or for risk-managing a total portfolio, but this is an executive at a company trading ~10% off its 52-week highs and one that just announced its going to spend 55-70% more than it did the year prior. Should it matter that the sales were made according to a 10b5-1 trading plan? Sure, and it does. But is this the kind of risking off prior to a risking on by the company that we can expect to see going forward?

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I don't think this type of activity sends the right signals to investors as FB embarks on the front end of a massive scale up that has… Read More …