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A Nation Of Immigrants: Where America's Newest Citizens Come From

As mass migration (otherwise known as refugee crises) remains a topic of concern for much of the world, an increasing number of the world's population is choosing to become American citizens (even as those renouncing American citizenship hits record highs). As MarketWatch notes, nearly 800,000 people decided to become American citizens in the last 12 months and more than a third of them came from Asia...



Asians comprised the biggest group of new Americans by region, according to recent data from the Department of Homeland Security, edging out those from North America, in which DHS includes those from Central America and the Caribbean.

Mexicans remain the single largest group of foreigners who were naturalized as citizens. But by state they are the biggest group in only 24. Among the remaining 26 states plus the District of Columbia, 10 other nationalities claim the top spot, as this map shows.

In nine states, Indians made up the biggest group of naturalized citizens. Those from the Dominican Republic, who nationwide topped those from China for the first time in at least a decade, are the biggest group in five states, the DHS data show.

One of those states is New Jersey. For two years running, Dominicans have made up the biggest group of naturalizations each year, narrowly exceeding the number of Indians.

Here’s the breakdown by state for the 2013 fiscal year.


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