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SeaWorld still reeling from 'Blackfish' backlash

New SeaWorld whale pool approved -- with breeding ban

SeaWorld still has a big "Blackfish" problem at its flagship theme park in San Diego.

The company reported earnings that missed Wall Street's forecasts Thursday morning and a slight decline in attendance from a year ago.

SeaWorld has come under fire for its treatment of killer whales, or orcas, ever since the unflattering "Blackfish" documentary aired in theaters in the summer of 2013 and on CNN in the fall of that year.

Animal rights organization PETA also launched a massive campaign against SeaWorld. PETA has accused the company of treating orcas cruelly and that animals live shorter lives in captivity than they would in the wild.

An #AskSeaWorld social media event in March wound up backfiring on the company as many people took to Twitter to ask the company why its parking lots were bigger than tanks for the killer whales.

Even toymaker Mattel (MAT) has said it will stop making SeaWorld-themed Barbies. And legendary anthropologist Jane Goodall said in April that SeaWorld "should be closed down."

SeaWorld has fought back. It has taken numerous steps to...