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Mentor Mike's trades for Friday, 6/20/14

Fellow Traders:

I made one trade early this morning before my internet conked out for the fourth weekend in a row.  Service wasn’t restored until about 1pm.  I have fired AT&T and will have Charter Communications install new phone, TV and internet services on Tuesday.  I don’t know yet if that will require a reschedule of Tuesday’s Trading Room.  I will let you know on Monday.  I will also have a new home number:  818-330-9807, but I will wait to put it in my email signature until it is officially active.  I have attached my version of today’s EW count, and I hope to post a Mentor Mike’s Market Movie on my PTA blog page later today, provided my internet stays on until then.

I also want to congratulate my new student, and fellow trader, Kevin K., of Pennsylvania.  Kevin took his first trade on NinjaTrader today and netted over $400 demo dollars.  Way to go, Kevin.  We will get you into GADGET soon enough!

Everyone have a great weekend.  See you next week.

Michael K. Bridges,President


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