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Capitalizing On Mispriced Risk With REITs Exposed To Texas

The price of oil has fallen by around 50% since the summer of 2014, when it was $115 a barrel. It is now below $55. This drop has dramatically impacted other asset classes, even REITs.

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It appears that oil prices are beginning to stabilize and most analysts believe the demand will return to previous levels. Not too soon though.

It feels good to have extra change in my pocket and I'm sure others will agree. As I reflect on the last time oil prices dipped to $60 it was around 2008. As you may recall, oil went from $145 per barrel (July 2008) to around $30 per barrel in December (2008).

Maybe I was not as chipper in 2008, partly because we were in a recession then and the pain of the financial collapse was numbing my perception related to spending less on a gallon of gas.… Read More …