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These Hedge Funds Are Getting Slammed By The Rite Aid Deal Collapse

As noted earlier, the stocks of both Rite Aid and Fred's are tumbling this morning, after Walgreen's terminated its long-running merger agreement, instead opting to buy over 2,000 RAD stores outright. For those who missed it, here is pain trade for Fred's shareholders this morning...

... and Rite-Aid.

However, besides regular retail and vanilla institutional investors, one class that is being hit especially hard on today's news are hedge funds, who according to Bloomberg own ~32% of Fred’s shares and ~26% of Rite Aid. 

So who is hurt hardest this morning?  By far the most hurt, is Alden Global - the top holder of Fred’s, with 9.27m shares, or 24% stake, as of April 24, when both firms signed a cooperation pact to appoint two directors; Alden bought shares from Nov. 28-Dec. 22, with its largest purchases when FRED was trading ~$20-share

Courtesy of Bloomberg, here is a breakdown of the other top holders as of March 31:

Here are the others:

  • Adage Capital 19.5m shares (1.9% stake) in RAD, 2.4m shares (6.3%) in FRED
  • Greenlight Capital 16.8m shares (1.6% stake) in RAD, 2.2m shares (5.7%) in FRED
  • Mason Capital 7.2m shares (0.7% stake) in RAD, 313k shares (0.8%) in FRED
  • Sand Grove Capital 3.2m shares (0.3% stake) in RAD, 187k shares (0.5%) in FRED

Other top hedge fund holders of FRED:

  • TIG Advisors 1.5m shares (4% stake)
  • ADI Capital Management 391k shares (1% stake)
  • Hudson Bay Capital 391k shares (1% stake)
  • Highbridge Capital 293k shares (0.8% stake)
  • Melvin Capital 150k shares (0.4% stake)

Meanwhile, over in RAD:

  • Highfields Capital 19m shares (1.8% stake)
  • Two Sigma 21.9m shares (2.1% stake)
  • Pentwater Capital 15.6m shares (1.5% stake)
  • CNH Partners 12.5m shares (1.2% stake)
  • PAR Capital Management 9m shares (0.9% stake)
  • Coastland Capital 7.3m shares (0.7% stake)
  • Litespeed Management 4.7m shares (0.5% stake)

Source: Bloomberg