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Should you INVEST in Netflix Stocks before you go into retirement?

Some of you might look at this post and scratch your heads, wondering why I'm recommending a specific stock rather than my usual mantra of "Diversify your portfolio!"

Well, I think it's okay to have some funny money to invest in single stocks every now and then. Besides, diversification is just a protection against ignorance. If you know what you're doing, diversifying your stock investments can actually restrict your earning potential. So here's why I think that investing in Netflix is a pretty decent investment.

At the time of this writing, netflix has dipped down a little bit to 98.79. Which is about a bit more over a 2% drop over this past week. This could make it a good stock to buy. But numbers shouldn't be the only thing you consider.

Netflix often surpasses its predicted earning. Recently, its adjusted earnings surpassed this amount by around 20-25%.

Plus, everyone you know probably has netflix or has had it at one point. They are a cheaper alternative to cable television and anyone with an internet connection and a computer can simply subscribe to their services from home. 

They also have a reputation for staying ahead of their rival competitions, such as Amazon's prime videos. Especially considering that many of their subscribers are international subscribers. 

Anyway, as always, treat all my investment suggestions with skepticism and always understand what you're buying before you invest in anything. Nothing can substitute for a healthy mix of mutual funds and index funds, including any single stocks to protect against violent downturns in the market when investing in the long term.