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Verizon CEO on Samsung Note 7 issues: 'I've never seen a recall like this'

As the major carriers yank them from shelves, Verizon's CEO said he's never seen a recall like the one for the Galaxy Note 7.

"This is by far the biggest concern I've seen in cellphones during my tenure," said Lowell McAdam. "I think [Samsung's] a little surprised the fix didn't fix things. So it's a major black eye for them. As I said to Tim Cook the other day, they've got pretty good karma, because they launched the iPhone 7 when they did."

McAdam spoke from the Internet Association's Virtuous Circle conference in Menlo Park, California, meant to gather "the most important stakeholders of the internet economy."

"I certainly, in however many years it's been now, have not seen a recall like this," McAdam said.

It comes after at least five reports have surfaced of Galaxy Note 7 phones overheating or catching fire, according to The...