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Woman Subpoenaed in Herbalife Case

According to Business Insider, one person has been subpoenaed to appear in a New York court in an investigation involving Herbalife (NYSE: HLF) nutritional product marketing firm.

Bill Akman, a activist hedge fund activist, is at the center of the investigation, spilling out more than $50 million in legal fees and lobbying in order to bring Herbalife to justice, Business Insider reported. Akman believes the company is a pyramid scheme.

Business Insider commenter Meh said:

For some reason, people like to believe that you cannot make money in a moral fashion -- that making money is always evil, or at the very least, morally ambiguous. Nothing could be further from the truth, and to some extent, believing that could be dangerous. Societies that hold these beliefs often do worse than those who see making money as morally good (see: Max Weber, Protestant Ethic)