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Apple's New Campaign Highlights iOS Camera

For Apple‘s latest advertising campaign, the innovative tech company has decided to shift the spotlight on one of the most popular components of its handheld devices — the camera. Renowned for its advertising know-how, the Cupertino-based multinational corporation has launched a new website, showcasing images taken from its iOS devices which demonstrate the capabilities of its built-in cameras. Captured in 24 different countries, the 77 uncommissioned photos displayed on Apple’s website were culled from thousands of images and were only edited by mobile apps, or unedited altogether. Photographers in the campaign include Pei Ketron, Austin Mann, Cielo de la Paz, John Lehman, and Frederic Kauffman, among 52 others. Enjoy the breathtaking photos above, and visit the campaign website here which includes some tips on how to become a better photographer.

Author: Clarance Leung