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Forget The Groundhog: Sunny Skies So Far For Clean Energy Yieldcos

Waking up in NYC on Monday morning, nobody needed a groundhog to tell us spring's not headed our way any time soon. But, for investors in the alternative energy/renewables stocks, it was more important to keep an eye on President Obama, and his focus on clean energy in the 2016 budget. While no one can predict what the broader markets will do, or whether specific proposals in the President's plan will pass, bold statements about upping the budget for clean energy, permanently extending production and investment tax credits (PTCs and ITCs) for wind and solar, as well as calling for the repeal of $50 billion in tax subsidies to the fossil fuel industries, bodes well for alternative energy and renewable companies. And while performance may have been choppy in the past, based on recent performance, it seems investors have warmed to the "yield/total return cos," a relatively new, dividend paying,… Read More …