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Will $24 Billion Congressional Temper Tantrum Repeat on January 15th?

When children throw temper tantrums its to stay up later or extend their curfew, and there's no monetary implication.  When the US Congress throws a temper tantrum it costs $24 billion and has global repercussions.  The problem lies in the fact that US debt outpaces GDP.  Currently the debt ceiling stands at $16.7 trillion leaving a cash balance of approximately $30 billion.  $152 million per day were lost in travel spending since government workers stayed home, $76 million per day because National Parks were closed and $217 million per day in federal and contractor wages.   China called for a de-Americanization world (see China Calls for a De-Americanized World, and is furthering relations with Great Britain clearly indicating a shift in global affairs as the United States begins to show evidence of its immaturity. After all, it is only 237 years old... 

Did the US Congress really resolve anything, or just push back a deadline? Was this 16 day shutdown just a preview to what we can expect in January?