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Global Sector PMI Highlights Broad-Based Fall In Prices In January

The first batch of global sector PMI™ data from Markit for 2015 saw a number of sectors register falling input prices, most notably chemicals. The beverages sector registered the strongest increase in output, but banking activity declined for the first time in over a year-and-a-half.

Among 23 sectors at the most detailed level, ten registered falling input prices in January. Of these, the steepest rate of decline was seen in chemicals, reflecting that sector's exposure to oil prices. Of the remaining sectors, seven were manufacturing-related, with general industrials, beverages and metals & mining showing sharp falls. Banks and real estate also posted marginal declines in input prices. Meanwhile, a further ten sectors registered slower rates of input price inflation in January.

Further evidence of deflationary pressure was provided by output prices. Ten sectors reported lower charges in January, with the steepest decline seen in metals & mining, followed by technology… Read More …