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Shorting The Federal Reserve

Shorting The Federal Reserve by 720Global

“I’ve never let my guard down by saying, I do not need to be hedged” - Paul Singer

Preservation of clients’ wealth is the most important fiduciary duty guiding investment managers. This obligation tends to be under-appreciated in the midst of financial asset bubbles when recency bias blunts the desire to sacrifice the potential for further gains in exchange for protection against losses. Inevitably, this is made painfully clear when a bubble pops and those once popular assets lose value and the manager’s clientele suffer. 720 Global has repeatedly urged caution as valuations are currently stretched on the back of reckless Federal Reserve monetary policy and poor economic fundamentals. This article presents the case for an asset that can help managers protect their clients and uphold their fiduciary duty owed to them.

Gold - ?g?ld AU #79 - A heavy yellow elemental metal of great value

Gold is neither a claim on the promise of future earnings like a stock, nor a liability owed by a public institution or a private party like a bond. It also lacks the full faith and credit of most governments, like a currency. Gold serves little industrial purpose, unlike all other commodities and is most commonly revered as a shiny metal used in ornamental display or jewelry. It is precisely these failings that make gold a unique and valuable asset and one that can play an important role in portfolio construction.

Gold is one of the few stores of value that is limited...