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Windows 8.1 Users’ Non-Lumias Can Use Lumia Camera App [REPORT]

Windows 8.1 device owners can now install the Lumia camera app on their non-Lumia devices. The app, which was exclusively for Lumia device owners until now, was installed and is apparently working fine on a BLU Win HD LTE, says a report from Windows Central.

Rich Capture missing

Though the app is working on non-Lumia devices, there is a catch. Lumia Camera’s latest version, 5.x, comes with an interesting feature called Rich Capture, which is not available on version 4.x, which is used by non-Lumia devices.

Rich Capture is the best feature on Lumia Camera 5.x and is exclusively available on a few of the Lumia devices, such the Lumia 830, Lumia 930, Lumia...