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Sandstorm Gold: Spring-Loaded And Waiting For Gold's Cue

I don't think anyone reading this piece would be surprised to learn that gold has fallen hard in the last two years, after rising steadily until 2012 (figure 1). Along with it, gold stocks have been slammed. My favorite gold play right now is Sandstorm Gold (NYSEMKT:SAND). This stock has been crushed in the last two years as well (figure 2), but I think that despite the weakness in gold prices, which may continue in the short-term, this is one stock in the sector I want to own. And as such, I have been doing some buying. The company is seeing reduced revenues stemming from a lower gold price, but is securing new reliable streams, tightening its lending practices and will be growing attributable production. During 2014, Sandstorm was able to grow its asset base with the addition of 11 new streams and royalties worked through the significant challenges that arose due to the current volatile gold price environment. I would like to discuss the company's performance and where I see it going. Read more