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Webinar: One month after the UK Referendum | 21 of July 2016

On the 23 June 2016 of UK voted to leave European Union (EU) however the country did not triggered the EU Article 50 that sets out the procedures and time limit that would oversee an exit from the EU and is the only legal way to leave the union. Yet, it has not yet been used and so is completely untested.

The Bank of England (BoE) announces that is preparing a big package of measures to support the UK post-Brexit economy, highlighting the need for a swift and robust response to the uncertainty.

Did you adapt your trading strategies to the new world developments?

There will be an exciting ActivTrades free webinar with guest speaker Malte Kaub that will focus on what to expect one month after the UK Referendum and to adapt trading models for the months to come.

I strongly recommend and for those interested in watching just click here.

Did you miss it? If so you can still watch for free the replays on the Webinars archive.