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Kanye West Visits IKEA, Instantly Fueling Rumors of a Design Collaboration

Cöuches, cöuches, cöuches, cöuches…

Noted furniture and industrial design nerd Kanye West was spotted touring IKEA‘s Älmhult, Sweden flagship, instantly kicking up rumors of a possible design collaboration with the ready-to-assemble interior design giant. It should be noted that West does have some tangential connections with the Swedish company, having hired designer and IKEA collaborator Katie Eary back in 2011, so we’re holding out hope for a line of pre-distressed KÅNYE couches, oversized NØRI ottomans and SÄINT futons.

Spokespeople for the Swedish brand could confirm little beyond the fact that Kanye had indeed paid the design department an “inspiring” visit. Hopefully Kanye grabbed some köttbullar with lingonberry sauce while he was there, at least. Check out a candid photo of the visit below. We will bring you more on this collaboration if/when it becomes available.