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Want to sell medical marijuana in New York? No problem as long as you’ve got $30 million to cover operating costs

Well, if they wanted to limit it to big businesses and corporations, they certainly did a good job. $200,000 just for a license!!!!

“This country is built on a free markets model — competition tends to produce better results,” says Derek Peterson, chief executive of marijuana production and retail company Terra Tech. “Companies that are competing are going to try to produce a better product, and the patient is going to win. That is not going to be the case in New York.”

“I am proud that we are on course to provide certified patients with access to medical marijuana more quickly than any other state in the nation,” New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker said in a statement on the awarded licenses. “We approached it from a cost-benefit standpoint,” Peterson says. “We didn’t love the legislation. New York is a significant upfront capital investment.”

This isn’t just a liberal thing.  It’s a fascist thing.  Sure you can own the business.  We’ll just tell you exactly how you have to run it down to the finest detail.

1(800)Flowers (NASDAQ: FLWS) Should get into this business. The perfect set up to start delivering Flowers nationwide.