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Apple's New Operating System Is Completely Free

Today Apple (NYSE: APPL)  introduced its next generation operating system of Mac OS X, Mavericks. Good news, Apple also announced that Mavericks is completely free and the update will be available later on today. Some of the upgrades you will notice when you download Mavericks is your laptop will get up to an hour longer battery life for web browsing and and hour and a half longer of batter life for watching movies and listening to music on iTunes. 
Other stand out features of the new operating system include: 
  • Apple Maps, with the ability to send directions directly to iOS.
  • Revamped calendar
  • iCloud Keychain for storing your website user names and passwords on approved devices.
  • Finder tabs
  • iBooks integration that automatically adds the books you've purchased to all of your respective iOS devices.  
  • 6GB of data in just 4GB of RAM, meaning that you can run more applications without affecting speed.