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Rebuilding The Wall Of Worry


  • Some of the old market worries are gone, but do not despair.
  • The punditry is ready with "new" explanations for the recent market declines.
  • The explanations have an old odor, and do not really hold up to scrutiny.
  • Buying when others are fearful means understanding the difference between signal and noise.

In case no one noticed, some of the "old" worries have been cleaned up. Has anyone noticed how Greece left the headlines? Those predicting disaster there have quietly moved on to a new continent.

Consumers of market horror stories need not fear! There is an inexhaustible supply of new concerns, although some of them seem smell a little like aging cheese. If you are an editor or publisher you absolutely must provide an explanation for the largest market selloff of the year. It cannot be something obvious like an over-reaction to some short-term news while the big pension fund managers are at the beach.