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Faith in Faith,

An Ode to Rain

It’s an impressive sight

To watch determined drops fall

Plunging from clouds to soil

Like soldiers descending, still loyal,

To a soggy battlefield ground.

And to hear the differing voices

Of arriving diamond spheres

Bouncing off objects, sliding across mirrors

And filling rivers by plunking down loudly

In distinct portato noises.

Liquid beads against cars and pavement

In the moonlight, under a streetlight,

Turn silver, pulling lonely spaces

Out of the dark.

We find ourselves walking together, faster,

To enter through doors

Before the drizzle drenches our socks

And dampens our drawers.

Once inside, all secure,

The steady drum overhead,

Preforming its anthem,

Crescendos then fades

In a comforting fashion.

As slivers of heaven drip down,

Our eyes glance up

To look out the window,

A small break from our labor,

To ponder a moment

The bigger picture.

We set down the paper

To acknowledge the storm

And in that second or two

We notice our neighbor

Or meet someone new.