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Apple Afraid to Get Hurt!

Are you tired of all the boring apps in your phone? do you want an exciting new app? today is your lucky day, smartphone's have an accelerometer that tracks how high the phone goes before it comes back to down. Send Me To Heaven is an app created by CarrotPop, where the user throws their smartphone up in the air, the app calculates how high the phone goes before it reaches back in your hand or the floor and shatters in to a hundred pieces. 

The app has a leader board that calculates daily, weekly and monthly top ten throwers, this way you can compete globally to see who is the bravest. The people at Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) have banned the app from the app store. "Apple thought it was violating one of the rules for submission as it was encouraging behavior which could lead to a damage of iOS device," developer Petr Svarovsky told the LA Times. However, the competition Google Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) android market has allowed this app. So if you have an Android phone and want to see how high you can throw you are lucky. I thought Apple was a company that made bold moves but this just makes them look like a little kid who doesn't want to get hurt while playing. The developers of the app make you agree too a disclaimer before playing which takes any liability off them if you or your phone suffers and injury while playing catch.