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National Bank Of Greece - Why I Went Long When It Was A Dollar

When all appeared lost and everyone thought a Greece exit from the euro-zone was imminent, I went long the National Bank of Greece (NYSE: [[NBG]]) when the stock was trading at around a dollar; I took my long position via long-term call options. It was a classic buy into fear moment and the blood was in the streets, but I still see opportunity for further upside in NBG and am still long today despite a better than 100% gain in my calls so far. I believe long-term investors are wise to look at NBG shares even now while they trade at approximately $1.50, along with all Greek equities. Investors can also use the Global X FTSE Greece 20 ETF (NYSE: [[GREK]]) to spread risk better, as it has a ways plenty of room to grow as well.

As the hype built into the Greek election, Greek stocks slithered lower. After… Read More …