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Starbucks Trudges Through #RaceTogether Attempt

Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) attempted yet another social justice statement recently, according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. The coffee company’s CEO Howard Shultz asked its baristas to written the phrase “#racetogether” on cups in an effort to show support toward racial equality.

However, it was met with mixed opinions.

“Effective conversations on race are grounded in the understanding that racial discrimination isn’t just, or even mostly, about what happens among individuals,” wrote Renku Sen, the Race Forward president and executive director, in an open letter to Starbucks and USA Today, according to the Post Gazette. “It is about what happens as a result of systems.”

According to the Post Gazette, this is not the first time the coffee company has tried to show support for social issues. In the past, Starbucks has offered education to employees, made statements on guns and the environment.

Post Gazette commenter Everett Burns said:

So stupid. Why not other nonsensical statements like “end war” and “coexist”?

Surprised Schultz would take a controversial position like this. He has to know the average frappucino buyer is not going to like this stupid message.