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I can imagine how excited one must be before being handed the keys to a new house or condo! The feeling of achievement running into your veins in addition to the thrill of exploring every corner of the place must be overtaking every new owner in a different way. All these perfect and ideal moments could be savored even more so if before acquiring a property, we took a few steps to secure our new dwelling place's stability.

Some things to know about when we're considering buying a house or condo (or any other kind of housing) include the following:

A) LEARN ABOUT THE PROPERTY'S HISTORY and STRUCTURE: if possible, find out about the age of the place you intend to purchase because it will give you an idea about the possibility of future issues you might encounter but also investigate about the structure of the building; make it your business to learn about what materials were used to make the walls, the floors and pipes for example. Why should you do this? If you have an idea of what the different parts of your house are made of, you will also be prepared when the moment of hiring construction workers arises: you don't want to get duped by some questionable worker who claimed to buy the material pertinent to the required repairs while in reality he purchased cheap or inappropriate material.

B) LEARN HOW TO FIX SOME BASIC THINGS: whether you're a man or a woman it's doesn't matter, we can all teach ourselves thru DIY articles, videos and from other types of learning tools how to perform simple repairs such as unclogging a bathtub or kitchen sink with an auger, using a wood filler paste to fix a chipped wooden floor or tightening a loose screw on a doorknob. Everyone can do this so learn how to acquire simply and somewhat simple skills necessary to perform repairs in a home and make Lowes/Home Depot your new best friend!

While you do this in addition to taking other important steps that are necessary before purchasing the house of your dreams, don't forget that patience and scrutiny will allow you to avoid problems in the future that impulsiveness and rash-making decisions cannot foresee!