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3 big-time CEOs paid LESS than their workers

Workers at most companies would readily trade their pay for the CEO's. But that's not the case at a few giant companies.

There are three current CEOs of companies in Standard & Poor's 500, including Kosta Kartsotis of watchmaker Fossil (FOSL), Lawrence Page at online advertising firm Google (GOOGL) and John Mackey at organic food seller Whole Foods Market (WFM), who were paid less than their company's median employee pay, according to a USA TODAY analysis of CEO pay data from S&P Capital IQ and employee compensation from

The so-called CEO "pay ratio" is getting great attention since the Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday approved a new rule that would force U.S. companies to spell out the gap between what CEOs are paid and what the median employee receives. The rule could cause embarrassment for some companies and their boards considering CEOs are typically paid 216 times more than their employees. That's up from a pay gap of just 20 times in the 1950s, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.There are even nine CEOs that made 800 times more than the median worker.

But there's an opposite pay gap at some companies. Perhaps the most startling...