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The net worth of every presidential candidate. After seeing Scott Walker’s net worth, not sure whether to laugh or cry

A low net worth doesn’t necessarily mean poverty. It might mean he’s just better at hiding assets. Or it just means they have someone by the balls.  Walker’s an excellent example of that.  Rich people like predictable people on a short leash, which is why the Kochs are fully invested in that egg basket. If what was said about Walker’s credit card debt is true, there’s no way I’ll ever vote for him.  I prefer my candidates to be more financially responsible than myself…. racked up a lot of CC debt in my 20’s ( young & dumb )took a few painful years to completely pay it off, learned my lesson: never carry debt on a CC, always pay it completely off every month.

I only have a 401K + a few mutual funds and stocks and I’m worth more than Scott Walker. God what a dumba$$. No student loans probably helps too.

Now we know why Scott Walker sucks more Koch than any other candidate.

I laughed at Trump’s estimated net worth.  If you only counted actual money, he’s worth less than Walker.*
*not intended to be a completely true statement.  But I trust his books as much as I trust him.