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Strengthening US Dollar Presents Remarkable Foreign Opportunities - Novartis


Over the past 6 months, currency markets have experienced very significant shifts. The US Dollar has strengthened against most world currencies, the Euro has weakened against most currencies, and the Swiss Franc has skyrocketed in value. As a result of the movement in currency markets, the macro foreign exchange is creating great investments opportunities. Part 1 explored the current FX market, and the resulting risks and opportunities then identified a great investment in consumer goods and a hedge opportunity for many investors. Part 2 looked at a thrilling investment opportunity for a Eurozone-based large cap company that is perfectly poised to take advantage of the 2015 global economic situation. Part 3 then explored an investment opportunity in the pharmaceutical industry that worked as a hedge for American pharmaceutical companies.

Part 4 continues to look at investments in the pharmaceutical industry, but explores another opportunity for investors looking to capitalize… Read More …