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NYC condo asks $1 million for a parking space. Which is still cheaper than a year’s worth of towing and impound fees in Manhattan

Just asphalt and capitalism. But can it be sublet along with the condo for the eleven months a year the Saudi that’s not in town?

“Condominium developers are touting parking spaces with glossy brochures and promotional videos, marketing the small patches of concrete as luxury amenities,” the Wall Street Journal said.

In SoHo, Shaun Osher, chief executive of the brokerage firm CORE, which is responsible for the sales and marketing at 42 Crosby, told the Times in September: “There are ‘few to no options’ for parking, let alone a private spot in your own building.” He added that: “In real estate, location defines value and parking is no exception to that rule.”

When everyone gets priced out of Manhattan, the wealthy will wonder why they can’t get their shoes shined and their suits tailored.

It takes all income levels to have a functioning city. While I don’t think massive low-income housing projects are the answer, I do think a living wage or subsidized housing can go a long way to keeping diverse income levels around.

When I lived in Manhattan, one of the things I loved most was NOT having a car, let alone a parking space for it.

Partying downtown and then zooming up 10th avenue in a taxi to my apartment for $8… good times!  Who wants to drink and drive? Except for new years eve, that sucks.