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Microsoft's Constant Layoffs and Restructurings Show Its Mindset Is More Like Google's Than Apple's

This column has been updated from June 30 with additional information.

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is reportedly planning a cloud-focused restructuring that will involve laying off a large number of workers worldwide. That's not too shocking given its past restructurings, and the speed at which cloud apps and service have come to account for a giant portion of the software giant's sales.

Since Steve Ballmer announced a big restructuring in July 2013 -- not long before he announced he was stepping down as CEO -- mid-year reorgs have become a way of life for Microsoft. Much like Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) , Microsoft is willing to frequently overhaul its business units, as well as the people leading them, in order to both pursue strategic goals and inject fresh blood into key divisions.

This approach doesn't work for every major tech company. For example, Apple Inc. (AAPL) , though sometimes...